I wanted to officially revisit my Zikkihuru pieces and give a bit more information on them.

So this is what likely is the final image, for real this time.  Assuming I don’t go through and start over from square one, which I am really tempted to do now.  Zikkihuru is loosely based on the universe that I created for a short story I did back a few semesters ago.  Same planet, kind of thing, but just an island or whatnot instead of the mainland.

I have a loosely developed planet for it — but if I recall correctly, it’s slightly larger than Earth but has less mass, meaning that its gravity is slightly less than here.  Anyway, for the main ecosystem, the reptiles are most often flying types, while birds are ground creatures. I also think I was making mammals semi-aquatic creatures, but I haven’t gotten around to drawing them yet, so that’s still technically up in the air.

I did do some quick little plant studies, but I know I need to approach that more seriously if I decide to continue with the project — which I will probably do because aliens are neat.

Anyway, I did a bunch of thumbnails for the various projects.  This one was the one that I ended up using for the basis of the Lava piece.  If you notice, it was initially flipped the other direction.  I ended up flipping it because it read better the other direction — you followed the eye line of the critter the same way he would.

I ended up scaling down and expanding the foreground plants because it was throwing things off as far as distance went.  The lava was given more of a path through the image, including a more fluid outline.  From there it was mostly just rendering.