The Alchemist : The Wind

The Alchemist : The Wind

I seem to have a lot of these Alchemist things, don’t I?  Well, yeah.  That’s pretty much what my background painting class is revolving around.

For this particular project, we were told to make a giant sheet of various black to white blobs/markings/etc and then had to cut out mini compositions from the results.

This is what I started with.

The Alchemist : Wind : Splotch

I know, what the hell is that?  How could that be applied to the Alchemist?!  Well,  took a bit of thought but I eventually decided on what it’d be.  It could work for the scene where Santiago turns himself into wind.  Here… See what I was thinking in this half-way-through tonal.

The Alchemist : Wind : Progress

Much more obvious now I’d hope.  From there, I just continued to beat it with a stick until it cooperated.  So here’s the current final.

The Alchemist : The Wind

It’ll need a bit more fixing (the swirls are a bit too far over the top IMO), but I think it pretty much gets the point across!