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  • Black Stallion Redo Progress

    Black Stallion Redo Progress

    So I’ve gone back and restarted my Black Stallion project (you can see the original here) since I wasn’t entirely happy with what I’d done.   Here’s a  look at what’s been done so far! Also a look at the line art for one of the images! I hope to finish up the line art…

  • Black Stallion Project Progress

    As mentioned previously I was taking Painting Drama, and this is part of my final project based on the Black Stallion. The initial thumbnails were based on some random splatter and scribble based compositions and developed from there.  I decided I wanted the story to be sci-fi and the Black to be some sort of…

  • Standoff – Progress & Final

    Standoff – Progress & Final

    And this was one of the projects I did for Chris Oatley’s Painting Drama 1 class.  I’m happy with the result.  And then there was the final.  I made some adjustments based on what was suggested in class.

  • Magic Box Progress

    For the magic box one of the assignments was to do a pseudo-master copy of a painting with a person in it..  Aaaaand turn them into an animal.   I used a Rembrandt painting as a base and a harpy eagle as my chosen animal.  I had some pictures from the LA zoo to use…