CTNX 2016!

Greetings all, from the great land of post-CTNX2016!  And post-Thanksgiving.  Took me a little bit to be able to sit down and write this post, as one of the things that’s perfectly clear is that I’m endlessly horrible at updating my blog.  I’d say it’d be a New Years resolution to get better at social media and generally updating things promptly but I think starting now would be fine — December 1st is a round enough date!

Bird Buttons

Anyway, what I’m sure you’re here to read is what my thoughts were about this latest CTNX.  It was my first year having a table (at anything, really), so I can’t compare that to past years necessarily (aside from the fact that I’m glad the tent wasn’t the temperature of the surface of the sun, but we’ll get back to the problem with that later).  My table, 502, was over back by Sony Animation, and all things considered it seemed like a pretty good location when looking back (it was supposed to be an endcap but got moved to a spot against the western wall of the tent).  I was splitting the table with Christina Krati, whose art you should of course check out, and next to us was Sketch Wallet, who seemed like pretty cool folks and it sounds like have some pretty awesome stuff coming up as well.

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Inktober Wrap-up!

And here comes the end of Inktober 2015!  This is composed of three parts because I was somewhat slow to upload them here, so let’s jump right in to the first set.

The first set, 21 to 24 is all related to Natural Selection 2.  I totally have had a lot of fun playing it over the past year or two, so had to draw it as well.  Initially I was going to do all 5 of the alien lifeforms but I was hindered by the fact that the sketchbook I was working in was going to run out of pages before the last image!  I didn’t want to break up the set over two sketchbooks so I decided to pick the ones that I generally played — and then add in the MAC to represent the marines.  Thus, here’s the skulk, gorge, and lerk that I ended up doing.  I really like how the MAC came out especially though.  Definitely one of my favorites from all of my Inktober images.

Next up, parrots!  I went through and picked a whole flock of them.  In order, a budgie, Meyer’s parrot, Hahn’s macaw, blue & gold macaw, red rump parakeet, and alexandrine parakeet.  By now, everyone should know I like birds, gee.

My final image for Inktober, however, didn’t exactly have the greatest start.  It took me a while to decide what to do since I decided I was going to do a full page spread (versus the half page per image I was using for all the previous ones).  I ended up going with one of my dragons from Flight Rising.

Inktober 2015 #31 - Ganymede

Looks nice, right?  Well, let me note that all the fixes I did on it were done traditionally with acrylic paint.  So it’s not 100% ink like previous ones.. But why would I need fixes in the first place?  Because I spilled black ink over a reasonable sized chunk of it courtesy of a not-quite-closed container.  I think I cleaned it up pretty nice!  I will probably do a minor digital cleanup pass at some point too, but at this point, I’d rather just leave it at the minimally edited version.

Anyway, that brings Inktober to an end.  I’ll hopefully have some new projects posted soon!

Inktober, Part 2 – Dota 2

How about that, the second set of Inktober stuff has finally appeared! This one is all Dota 2 themed.

They’re basically grouped by two (after all, I was fitting two on a page), aside from when they’re grouped by four. The first two are the heroes I’d most want to learn to play — Visage and Invoker. Next are the heroes I have the highest win rate with — Dark Seer and Disruptor.  Then came a pair of heroes that I think are fun to play but I haven’t had much of a chance to do so, but the times I have played them, it’s turned out well — Phoenix and Silencer.  Then comes a set of four, the heroes in current meta that I should learn to play — Night Stalker, Ember Spirit, Templar Assassin, Doom.  The last four are basically under the umbrella of “I would like to see these more in games because I think they’re fun,” — Faceless Void, Warlock, Elder Titan, and Oracle.  Oracle also gets mention because I’d love to see him put into Captains Mode so the pro players will actually play him.

Anyway, the next post might actually be two sets, will see how it goes!  I’m running behind on it, but that’s not a big deal (I think)… Hopefully will have some more great images to post soon, one way or another!

Welcome to Inktober!

If you haven’t heard of Inktober, the portmanteau pretty much explains it all — do an ink drawing every day (or some other schedule) for the month of Inktober. If you poke around the internet, you’ll find it also combined with other things like Drawlloween or other themes like that so the artist can tie things together in ways other than just the medium.

I decided for mine I would primarily pick stuff relating to games I am playing or have played so I would focus less on the character design and more on learning ink, in this case I wanted to work with my acrylic inks again. So, not necessarily an ink drawing for me, but more of a painting. So far, it’s day 20 (and I’m actually up to date with it, huzzah) but I’m only gonna post the first 6 for now, which all were Pokemon themed.

I was working with my FW acrylic inks for these, with only minimal digital touchup, as is the case with all of my Inktober pieces that I’ll be uploading. This group of six Pokemon could almost work as a party, but probably wouldn’t be the greatest against certain types — I’d have to go check the chart about what’s good against what again!

I had to draw inkay because the pun seemed appropriate though I hadn’t realized it until after I initially uploaded it (and inkay is awesome). Next up was aron, though I don’t think I was ever able to get a good spread of types to squeeze one into my lineup but honestly, it’s been a while.

The group totally needed one legendary, so Suicune was my choice — after all, that’s the one legendary from gold/silver that always seemed to like cooperating so I could catch it. I did initially try to stay on model for Suicune, but I eventually decided that the front leg design made less sense to me anatomically, so I adjusted it to fit more with real life animals. Fletchling shared the page with suicune — I wanted to pick one of the birds, and I do rather like its design.

Galvantula was one of those Pokemon that I think at least look pretty neat but I haven’t worked into a party, mostly, if I recall correctly, because by the time I find one I probably have something else trained up. The final Pokemon is of course haunter. I hardly ever go a game without trying to catch one to keep in my party through the whole game. It’s just one I really like having around.

That wraps up the Pokemon though! Tomorrow or not long after I should be posting the next set of Inktober images, which are all Dota 2 themed. I have a lot more of them, mostly because it’s what I’ve been messing around with lately gamewise. Beyond that, the next set (NS2) will probably be posted the 26th or so, then the final images at the start of November. Hope you enjoy ’em!

Ink experiments

I’ve had a set of acrylic inks sitting around since I was at Art Center. They were from one of my early classes, probably in the first three semesters, and I think at the time when I got them, I had basically no idea what the heck I was doing with them.  I remember I probably used them too think and treated them more like actual acrylics rather than ink… Which of course does not have to be super opaque, though I’m pretty sure that’s something I trend towards with traditional media in general — The times I’ve used gouache, I haven’t thinned it out at all really, even if it maybe would be more appropriate to do so.  Still wish that I’d been able to take one of the courses that were actually gouache-based but that’s another medium for another set of experimentation later on, not now.  As it is, this was my random medium of choice for the moment, so onward to art!

Alizentha : Isvarnii Painting

Anyway, here’s the first image I did.

I only kind of remembered how to work with these inks, so unsurprisingly, much could be improved.  I also didn’t have a character in mind that I was depicting… More just some random just because I needed something other than a blank page to paint.

Final pass through it I grabbed my colored pencils and added a bit of detail, cleaned things up and the like to put a bit of a finish on it.  It was a good learning experience.

Next pass I went through and actually picked a character, Arla, and I think overall it was a much more successful image.  I experimented a bit more with laying in a solid color across the whole thing first to unify it — which I kind of did at the end of the previous image, so I just did so in a more logical fashion.

Alizentha : Arla

I’m really hoping to go and work more with the inks in the future, I have some ideas for what I want to do, just gotta get a little bit of time set aside to do so.  No problem!

I still want to know what Darzanth was going to be — I think I wonder this every time I categorize something as a personal project.  I guess at some point I’ll have to either find my notes or make something up to take that name.

Black Stallion Redo Progress

So I’ve gone back and restarted my Black Stallion project (you can see the original here) since I wasn’t entirely happy with what I’d done.   Here’s a  look at what’s been done so far!

Also a look at the line art for one of the images!

Black Stallion Redo SketchI hope to finish up the line art for the other image and, obviously, the color for both soon.


Initial Development for Cradle

One of my upcoming project ideas is currently titled Cradle.  It started off as one of those ideas where some totally off-the-wall concept turned out to be something that sounded like a great idea. When I have a bit more solidly defined information ready to present on it, I’ll post again and reveal more about it, but for now I can’t go and get anyone’s hopes up, can I?

Cradle may end up being a comic, once I staple down an exact plot for an issue/chapter/book/whatever.   I think it definitely has a lot of potential to be presented in that way, at least.  Anyway!  You really want to see the art, right?  Well have a few sketches and a preview of a to-be-edited image set which should be showing up in its final form in not too long I hope.

And unrelated, as I was categorizing this, I still have no idea what Darzanth was supposed to be… It’s listed under personal projects, but apparently I have totally blanked on what story it actually belonged to — could have been an old version of part of what has now become Cradle, but I’m not sure.  I still kind of like the name, though.

Portfolio Pruning

I’ve been doing some updates to the site here, obviously.  Here are the pieces that have since been cut from my main portfolio.  This should hopefully mean I’ll have some new work up soon!

Also, since I’ve gone and edited my website’s skin in general, let me know if you see any bugs so I can go squash them with great justice and CSS skills!

Black Stallion Project Progress

As mentioned previously I was taking Painting Drama, and this is part of my final project based on the Black Stallion.

Black Stallion Thumbs

The initial thumbnails were based on some random splatter and scribble based compositions and developed from there.  I decided I wanted the story to be sci-fi and the Black to be some sort of weird horse-beetle critter to make things more interesting.  I did a lot of different iterations with how bug-like the Black should be.

I also have one more image to go along with it which will hopefully be done in the next few days.

Black Stallion Sketches Black Stallion Sketches