Recently I’ve done a lot of pop-culture focused product design, doing all manners of interesting art for the goodies that people order — sometimes it’s packaging art, other times it’s the art on the product itself.  I’m a graduate of ArtCenter College of Design, with a B.F.A. in Illustration with a focus in entertainment arts. I also have a B.A. from CSU Channel Islands in Studio Art, with an emphasis in digital media, and a minor in game design.

I draw things, obviously.  I’m partial to characters, creatures, and visual development work, but I can probably do whatever art you can throw at me when you come right down to it.   Left to my own devices, I develop worlds, their inhabitants, and plots spanning generations to go with them that are sometimes more tangled than the cords behind my computer — one day I’ll clean them up, but for now it’s more fun making a mess.

Want to see what I do?  Go check out my blog for a selection of older content & progress pics that I REALLY need to update more frequently.  Oops.

Just looking for my best work? Check out my my portfolio instead.

Also, you can find my resume here.

Want to get in contact with me for some reason?  Well, there’s always e-mail  or just commenting somewhere around this site.  I’m also found on LinkedIn and deviantArt, among other places, depending on whether you’re looking for me professionally or personally.