Black Stallion Redo Progress

So I’ve gone back and restarted my Black Stallion project (you can see the original here) since I wasn’t entirely happy with what I’d done.   Here’s a  look at what’s been done so far!

Also a look at the line art for one of the images!

Black Stallion Redo SketchI hope to finish up the line art for the other image and, obviously, the color for both soon.


Portfolio Pruning

I’ve been doing some updates to the site here, obviously.  Here are the pieces that have since been cut from my main portfolio.  This should hopefully mean I’ll have some new work up soon!

Also, since I’ve gone and edited my website’s skin in general, let me know if you see any bugs so I can go squash them with great justice and CSS skills!

Zikkihuru : Friends, continued

And now for the final Zikkihuru piece (for the moment), Friends.

Of all the images for this project, this is still the one that I am the most happy with.  It pretty much lived up to what I had been hoping (again, unless I went and redid the whole thing now).

This piece had considerably less development work — I pretty much just worked straight through and ended up where I did.  Not everything could work that way, but if I recall, I had a pretty clear image of what I’d wanted in my head before I even started messing with the values.

However, I do have some prototype doodles of various Zikkihuru critters to make up for it!

Zikkihuru : The Fog, continued

So the final version of the Fog is below.

The main change that I dealt with on this one was just going through and painting the water so it looked more like water.  All things considered, I’m pretty happy with how this came out.  Of course, as with everything, I’m sure there’s more that could be revised, but at this point I think I just want to let it go and if I do want to revise things, just start over from scratch with this as my rough.

In my original sketches, the image was flipped the other way.  I find it interesting that it and the Lava piece both started off facing in different directions.

Zikkihuru : Village, continued

Again, running through the stuff for another piece!  This time, it’s the Village.

So not as many obvious changes to this one, I think.  The main changes were to add some dappled light and objects to the other huts.

Of course, this piece shared the same plant development as the Lava did, but it also added in the idea of the treetop villages.  I think the biggest influence behind them was from the original Myst game, specifically the Channelwood Age,  which was pretty much the only Age I could reliably get to back when I was 5-12 or whenever it was I first got the game.  I should go play it again.  Maybe after graduation.

Anyway, whether or not to have walkways was always quite debatable to me; on the one hand, it would be convenient within the same tree, but on the other the critters can fly and not only that but it wouldn’t make sense to go between the massive main trunks of different trees.

I kept the background really loose because I really did not want to have to render 6.022×1023 individual leaves. Not only would be far more work than necessary, but it would be amazingly distracting for the viewer.  If I go through and redo the piece entirely I think I will end up doing the tall vertical that I had originally planned, along with some detail shots.  This project really showed I am partial to really tall vertical things a lot more than horizontal spreads.

Zikkihuru : Lava, continued

I wanted to officially revisit my Zikkihuru pieces and give a bit more information on them.

So this is what likely is the final image, for real this time.  Assuming I don’t go through and start over from square one, which I am really tempted to do now.  Zikkihuru is loosely based on the universe that I created for a short story I did back a few semesters ago.  Same planet, kind of thing, but just an island or whatnot instead of the mainland.

I have a loosely developed planet for it — but if I recall correctly, it’s slightly larger than Earth but has less mass, meaning that its gravity is slightly less than here.  Anyway, for the main ecosystem, the reptiles are most often flying types, while birds are ground creatures. I also think I was making mammals semi-aquatic creatures, but I haven’t gotten around to drawing them yet, so that’s still technically up in the air.

I did do some quick little plant studies, but I know I need to approach that more seriously if I decide to continue with the project — which I will probably do because aliens are neat.

Anyway, I did a bunch of thumbnails for the various projects.  This one was the one that I ended up using for the basis of the Lava piece.  If you notice, it was initially flipped the other direction.  I ended up flipping it because it read better the other direction — you followed the eye line of the critter the same way he would.

I ended up scaling down and expanding the foreground plants because it was throwing things off as far as distance went.  The lava was given more of a path through the image, including a more fluid outline.  From there it was mostly just rendering.

Zikkihuru : Village

Zikkihuru : Village

This one gave me quite a few issues just from not knowing what to do to complete the picture. The answer was pretty much just add more foreground.

Zikkihuru : Village

All things considered, I’m pretty happy with the final result. Regardless of how long it took me to figure out the foreground, it seemed to work out in the end.

Zikkihuru : Lava

Zikkihuru : Lava

So in Senior Project, I went and picked my planet development project, Zikkihuru, as my thing to work on.

Zikkihuru : Lava

The most interesting thing about this piece was that I started with it oriented the opposite direction — with the lizard on the left.  I did my best to frame him light on dark while still keeping things on the darker sort of “evening” light.

The Alchemist : Beginnings

The Alchemist : Beginnings

I totally should have uploaded this ages ago.  Back in Ye Olde Backround Painting class, there was a final piece from The Alchemist.  This time I did pretty much the opening scene from the book.

The Alchemist : Beginnings : Progress

I ended up picking the secondary triadic color scheme for it, and went on to final.  This was a pretty quick project, so I didn’t have that much time to do a bunch of variations.

The Alchemist : Beginnings