CTNX 2016!

Greetings all, from the great land of post-CTNX2016!  And post-Thanksgiving.  Took me a little bit to be able to sit down and write this post, as one of the things that’s perfectly clear is that I’m endlessly horrible at updating my blog.  I’d say it’d be a New Years resolution to get better at social media and generally updating things promptly but I think starting now would be fine — December 1st is a round enough date!

Bird Buttons

Anyway, what I’m sure you’re here to read is what my thoughts were about this latest CTNX.  It was my first year having a table (at anything, really), so I can’t compare that to past years necessarily (aside from the fact that I’m glad the tent wasn’t the temperature of the surface of the sun, but we’ll get back to the problem with that later).  My table, 502, was over back by Sony Animation, and all things considered it seemed like a pretty good location when looking back (it was supposed to be an endcap but got moved to a spot against the western wall of the tent).  I was splitting the table with Christina Krati, whose art you should of course check out, and next to us was Sketch Wallet, who seemed like pretty cool folks and it sounds like have some pretty awesome stuff coming up as well.

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